The following basic principles apply to the organisation of the 5 Cities Tournament:

1. The participants in the Tournament are: Bratislava, Budapest, Ljubljana and Zagreb.

2. The main goals of the 4 Cities Tournament are sports competitions and meeting among young people during sports activities and giving them an opportunity to learn about the host city. These should be taken into consideration by the organiser when determining the programme and locations of the competitions and accommodation.

3. This challenge trophy competition shall bear the name The 4 Cities Tournament with the ordinal number of the Tournament, the name of the host city and the year when the Tournament is held.

4. Teams from the participating cities shall participate in the Tournament with competitors not older than 16.

5. The Tournament shall be held every year in June. The order of the host cities is determined as follows: Zagreb – Budapest – Bratislava – Ljubljana.

6. The number of the participants shall be determined by the transportation capacity of two buses, i.e. 99 people at the most.

7. The Tournament programme and the selection of sports, of which there are six, are suitable for the said number of participants. Therefore, every city shall have 6 teams and the sports will include: athletics - boys and girls, table tennis - boys and girls, basketball - girls, football - boys, volleyball - girls and handball - boys.

8. The tournament programme shall last four days. Competition shall take place on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Sightseeing and return home shall take place on Sunday.

9. The organiser shall cover the following Tournament costs:

Teams shall travel in their own buses to the competition and during the sightseeing.

10. The organisation shall include:

11. Preparatory Meeting - at least 1 month before the tournament, the organizer shall call a meeting of all representatives of city administrations in charge of sports. Each delegation shall be composed of maximum 3 members. The point of the meeting is to come to an agreement on the course of the 4 Cities Tournament, to visit the competition venues and the accommodation capacities and to discuss sports organization in the host city.

12. The official languages of the Tournament shall be German and English and language of the host.



1. Number of Participants

Each city's team shall consist of 99 members: 74 competitors, 12 coaches and 6 team leaders, 5 official delegation members and 2 bus drivers.

  Boys Girls Coaches Leaders Total
Basketball   12 2 1 15
Football 16   2 1 19
Volleyball   12 2 1 15
Athletics 8 8 2 1 19
Handball 14   2 1 17
Table tennis 2 2 2 1 7
Bus drivers 2 2
Delegation Officials 5 5

2. Official Delegation

The official delegation of each participating city shall have up to 5 members. A special programme shall be organised for delegations, which, among other things, will include a reception by the mayor of the host city.

3. Team Entry Forms

Tournament participants shall enter teams using the form to be found on the website of the Tournament host.

Participants under the age of 17 are eligible to compete.

The registration form for competitors shall include the following information: first name; surname; sex; date of birth; name of club; position in team; shirt number; identification document (ID card or passport) and number; and the rooming list.

The registration form for coaches and team leaders shall contain the following information: first name; surname; sex; date of birth; identification document (ID card or passport) and number; and the rooming list of coaches and the team leaders.

The forms are to be posted by the host organiser on the website no later than three weeks before the Tournament. At the same time, the Tournament host shall send each participating city the details to access the registration forms.

Tournament participants shall fill in and return the forms no later than three (3) days before coming to the competition.

4. Team Leader Meeting

Team leaders will briefly discuss possibly still open details regarding their sport immediately after arrival.

Team leaders shall present copies of identification documents (ID card or passport) to the technical delegate in each sport.

The first games will be played between the host teams and the teams of the city geographically closest to the host.

5. Protocol

After the competitions in all sports have ended, medals shall be presented to the three top-ranked teams or competitors in individual sports. In athletics, medals shall be presented 10 minutes after the end of each athletics event.

After the competitions have ended, the host shall organise a ceremony during the final dinner party to present the challenge trophies and hand over the official flags of the Tournament.

On this occasion, the host shall hand over a set of seven flags of the participating cities to the next organiser of the Tournament.

6. Trophies

For the results achieved in the team competition in all 6 sports and the overall ranking, the winners shall receive challenge trophies. In athletics and table tennis, the challenge trophies shall be presented to both male and female competitors.

The overall winner of the Tournament shall be presented a challenge trophy.

Cities having won the challenge trophies shall return these to the organiser of the next Tournament at the preparatory meeting.

7. Competition Venues

The Tournament shall be organised at venues, which comply with the rules of the respective sport. If possible, the venues shall be located close to each other so that Tournament participants can watch other sports.

8. Language

The official languages of the 4 Cities Tournament shall be German, English and the language of the host city.

9. Preliminary Meeting

During April or May, the Tournament Organizer shall convene a two-day meeting of the representatives of the participating cities. At the meeting, Tournament organization will be discussed and accommodation and competition venues will be visited. It shall be expected that representatives of the host city sports administrations be present at the meeting and that the participants be welcomed by the mayor of the host city or his/her representatives.

Delegations of the participating cities shall have up to 3 members.

The competition schedule shall be adopted at the preparatory meeting. The first matches shall be played by the teams of the host city and those of the guest city that is geographically closest to the host city.


1. Identification Document Check (ID card or passport)

Team leaders shall give copies of the identification documents (ID card or passport) to the technical delegate of each sport before the competition. The technical delegate shall keep the copies of the identification documents until the end of the competition and allow access to the copies to other team leaders upon their request.

2. Overall Rankings

Only city teams competing in all six sports will be considered in the overall rankings. The sports are: basketball, football, volleyball, athletics, table tennis and handball.

Points for each sport:

1st place5 points
2nd place3 points
3rd place2 points
4th place1 points

If two teams have the same number of points in the overall ranking, the following will decide:

In athletics and table tennis, the overall ranking is calculated for both male and female teams together.

3. Equipment

All competitors on a team shall wear identical T-shirts.

Each team shall have sport clothing in two colours available (light and dark with the same number) and these shall be indicated in the registration form.

4. Referees

Referees shall be appointed by the Executive Boards of each sport of the host city.

5. Complaints

Complaints can be filed only by the team leader in the respective sport 15 minutes after the end of the game or competition.

Complaints shall be handled by a committee consisting of three members, which shall include leaders of the teams not involved in the given incident. The complaints procedure shall be chaired by the technical delegate of the host city in charge of the respective sport.

In organisational terms, the complaints procedure shall be dealt with by the technical delegate of the host city in charge of the respective sport.

The committee's decision shall be final.

Complaints not concerning an individual sport but the overall ranking or any other issues relating to the competition or organisation, shall be dealt with by a committee consisting of four members, which will include the delegation leaders of all participating cities or their authorised representatives.



1. Competition system:

2. Rules:

3. Time of play:

4. Points:

5. Ranking:

6. Prizes:


1. Competition system:

2. Rules:

3. Time of play:

4. Penalties:

5. Equipment:

6. Substitutions:

7. Points:

8. Ranking:

9. Prizes:


1. Competition system:

2. Rules:

3. Method of playing:

4. Points:

5. Ranking:

6. Prizes:

ATHLETICS – boys and girls

1. Competition events:

100 mgirls, boys;
400 mgirls, boys;
4 x 100 mgirls, boys;
high jumpgirls, boys;
long jump - 6 jumpsgirls, boys;
shot put - 6 throwsgirls, boys;

2. Rules:

3. Competitors:

4. Competition venue:

5. Points per event:

6. Ranking in case of a tie

7. Medals:

TABLE TENNIS – boys and girls

1. Competition system:

The competition shall be held in accordance with the effective ITTF rules with the amendments indicated herein.

2. Points and ranking:

3. Awards:


1. Competition system:

2. Rules:

3. Time of play:

4. Points:

5. Ranking:

6. Awards: